BROOKLYN - Middle and high school students are learning about the devastating effects of gun violence as part of Brookdale Hospital's "It Starts Here" program.

The afternoon-long program took teens from the Bronx into the hospital to meet with gun violence victims, as well as see graphic videos of surgeries that were a result of a shooting.

Students who participated in the program say the most impactful part of the whole experience was inside the morgue, seeing a victim of gun violence covered with a white sheet. 

Dr. Patricia O'Neill says the goal of the morgue visit is to show teens that gun violence can happen to anyone.

"What we're trying to teach them is the reality, taking away from the glamor of what they see on TV," says Dr. O'Neill.

The program is only 2 months old, but organizers say the interest in it is overwhelming among parents, teachers and students.

The hospital is planning on expanding the tour due to its popularity.