BROOKLYN - While crime has been on the rise in some of Brooklyn's safest neighborhoods, a new study shows that Borough Park remains one of the safest areas in all of New York City. The site, which compiled the Crimes & Safety report, looked at NYPD CompStat numbers and census figures to determine its list of top five safest neighborhoods. The study looked at murder as a major factor in determining how safe a neighborhood is, and according to the 66th Precinct which covers Borough Park, there were no murders there in 2010. Other crimes, though, have been on the rise from this time last year. According to crime statistics, police recorded seven rapes, 117 robberies and 287 cases of grand larceny in Borough Park. However, the study suggests that it is a far cry from crime in some of Brooklyn's least safe neighborhoods, among them Brownsville and East New York. In Brownsville, police recorded 1,405 crimes, including 18 murders, from this time last year. In East New York, 2,191 crimes have been recorded, among them 14 murders, for the same time period.