BEDFORD STUYVESANT - A recent study warns parents about sex offenders living too close to child centers.

Rep. Anthony Weiner says parents should keep an eye out for sex offenders in their neighborhoods.

"Every [YMCA] should have the pictures and info about sex offenders that live in the neighborhood," says Weiner.

There are a total of 109 sex offenders living within 10 blocks of YMCAs in the city. Over half of those sex offenders are in Brooklyn. Bed-Stuy alone has 29 sex offenders living in the area.

"While we can't limit where someone lives, we do need to make sure people are aware that these ex-predators are in our midst," Weiner says.The congressman is pushing for $100 million to track sex offenders within 10 blocks of youth centers. The money would be used to buy a GPS system that would alert the police department if they linger around those grounds.