BROOKLYN - Jewish people in Brooklyn are getting their hammers ready to prepare for Sukkot.

Sukkahs are popping up all around Brooklyn. The temporary dwellings are part of the Jewish harvest holiday of Sukkot that follows Yom Kippur.

"The idea is to connect ourselves with the fragility of life and with the natural world," says Rabbi Rachel Timoner, of Congregation Beth Elohim. "We eat our meals in them, we dwell in them and there are many people who sleep in them. It is to connect us to the universe that we are a part of and with God and with each other."

The sukkah being built outside Congregation Beth Elohim in Park Slope was designed by architect Susan Doban to include a lot of greenery.

"Our roof will have living material," Doban says. "We're going to use crabapple branches and one of our walls internally will be clad in living material as well."

Once complete, the sukkah will stay in front of the synagogue through Oct. 7.