BROOKLYN - More than a year after a giant sinkhole ripped through a street in Sunset Park, construction efforts remain ongoing to repair the road and business owners say they are frustrated. 

A faulty water main caused a giant sinkhole to split open the road on 64th Street near Fifth Avenue on Aug. 4, 2015.

The sinkhole, estimated to be 30 feet wide and 25 feet deep, closed the intersection near the street that has yet to be reopened.

Business owners in the area say it has been frustrating waiting for the road to reopen, with some even forced to close their stores. 

Rick Rome, the CEO of laundry delivery service Wash Club, says his customers rely on the mobility of his fleet and  that with the road constant construction so close to his business, it has made things very difficult. 

"The fact that we have construction vehicles in and out all the time, moving trucks in and out, it's been a pain to say the least," he says.

 In a statement the Department of Environmental Protection said "The majority of the necessary repairs have been completed. New utility lines, including gas and electric, are being installed now and then the roadway will be resurfaced.  Anticipated that roadway will be reopened within the next few weeks."