SUNSET PARK - Streets damaged by a sinkhole in Sunset Park are expected to take months to repair.

According to fliers posted on several businesses in the area, the road is expected to be closed for three months. The closure runs along 5th Avenue between 63rd and 65th streets, and along 64th Street between 4th and 5th avenues.

According to the Department of Environmental Protection, the sinkhole, that was about 25-feet deep and 30-feet wide, was caused by a water main break.

City buses are being allowed to pass through the area, but pedestrians are only allowed to walk down one side of the street.

Crews are currently out on the damaged road, making the necessary repairs to the hole.

News 12 Brooklyn is told that the road closure is due to the emergency sewer work. The road will remain closed  24 hours a day, seven days a week until Nov. 13.