SUNSET PARK - Community advocates are renewing calls for a protected bike lane along Fourth Avenue in Sunset Park.

They say the Department of Transportation has ignored repeated requests for the lane. 

Statistics from the city's Vision Zero program show that there have been at least seven injuries to cyclists on the stretch of road this year alone.

Bicycle commuters say they like to use the avenue as an efficient route into Downtown Brooklyn.

"It saves me money, and it's also healthier," says Adriano Vasquez, of Sunset Park. "I think it's just a good idea."

Others say they avoid the area because it's dangerous.

"It terrifies me," says Helen Jian, of Bensonhurst. "I know friends that actually got into bike accidents."

The Sunset Parker community organization wants a buffer between cars and bikes on the two-way street.

The DOT did not immediately respond to News 12 requests for comment.