BROOKLYN - It was Oct. 29, 2012 when millions of people across the Northeast braced for a massive, unprecedented storm that forever changed a coastline.

Superstorm Sandy washed away homes, leaving entire communities in shambles, including many in Brooklyn, but residents have made a strong comeback during the yearlong recovery period.

The Seagate community is one of the local neighborhoods that has shown its resiliency, but many residents are still rebuilding their homes. Some homeowners received help from FEMA, but most say it just isn't enough to cover all their expenses.

NYPD Officer Petlyn Job and her family were displaced all year after her Coney Island home was completely destroyed during the storm.

Representatives from the New York Says Thank You Foundation and the Home Depot Foundation have been working for three weeks to rebuild her home. About 50 volunteers were sent in Tuesday to get the job done.

"A lot of peril happens every day, every year," said one volunteer. "It's how we react to that. It's how we band together to make New York a better place to live."

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says that more than 300,000 housing units were damaged or destroyed in the tri-state area, and more than 2 million people were left without power, including some for several weeks. He's ordered flags to fly at half-staff and a moment of silence to remember the 61 men and women who lost their lives in the storm.

Sandy victims did receive some good news from Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Monday. He announced that more than 21,000 donors contributed to his fund for the city's emergency response needs and long-term restoration efforts. The money will provide loans and grants for small businesses, mold removal on homes and legal assistance.