BROOKLYN - A new Straphangers Campaign report finds that subways are cleaner than they were three years ago.

The transportation group released its "Subway Shmutz" survey Tuesday, ranking the city's subway lines for cleanliness. On the whole, the report found that over half of the city's 2,000 subway cars are clean. But there were some blemishes for Brooklyn lines, as the Q train was rated among the dirtiest.

"I had surveyors find chicken bones, lots and lots of pistachio shells [and] peanut shells," said Cate Contino of the Straphangers Campaign.

Some Brooklyn commuters disagreed with the group's assessment of the Q train.

"Maybe they want to put the Q train down or something," said one straphanger. "But I don't think it's the dirtiest train."

Brooklyn's L train made the list as one of the city's cleanest.