BROOKLYN - Police say they have arrested a young man for the alleged rape of an 82-year-old woman.

Police say Asa Roberts,18, snuck into the victim's Brighton Beach apartment on Monday while she was outside sweeping the street. When she returned, Roberts held her at knife point and demanded money for several hours before raping her, according to investigators.

Roberts was taken into custody early Friday morning in Bedford-Stuyvesant after a four-day manhunt. Police say they found him by tracking his cellphone to a friend's apartment.

Roberts was questioned at the Special Victims Unit headquarters in Bed-Stuy. Roberts proclaimed his innocence as he was led out of the precinct to central booking. He says he was sorry for being in the house but that he never raped the woman.

Police, however, have surveillance video allegedly of Roberts at the scene.

Investigators say Roberts has several prior arrests on his record, including a robbery charge from 2014.