KENSINGTON - Tenants of a Kensington building say they're nervous and shocked after swastikas were discovered etched onto elevator doors there.

The hate symbols were discovered scratched into the paint of the first floor elevator door at 645 Ocean Parkway. At least one upset resident has had firsthand experiences with swastikas.

"It's very bad," says Restam Ahmedov. "My father fought fascism. It's how he died."

Residents describe the area as a neighborhood of mixed culture, with children constantly around and seniors often found taking leisurely walks. Neighbors say feelings of hate shouldn't be expressed out in the open.

"If you feel this way, I think you should keep that within your house and not share it with these people," says neighbor Sylvia Rivera. "We have young kids that are growing up in this neighborhood, and they don't need to see this."