BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn teacher identified the suspect who allegedly attacked and robbed her on Monday.

The suspect, Eric Ferguson, 18, was arrested on Friday- less than one week after the robbery, which took place in front of Good Shepherd Catholic School in Marine Park.

A surveillance video of the incident showed the suspect punch the 62-year old teacher, Patricia McGowan, in the face, snatch her purse and run off. Police say the suspect later returned to the scene of the crime for the teacher?s car when he realized the keys to the vehicle were inside the purse.

Police believe Ferguson may be involved in five other robberies. One of the incidents involved the stabbing of a delivery man. Ferguson might have had at least two other accomplices in connection with the robberies.

Police say the stabbing incident happened a day before Ferguson allegedly attacked the veteran teacher.

According to police, Ferguson had another run-in with the law just last week, when he was arrested for driving a stolen minivan.