CANARSIE - Teachers and students rallied outside Canarsie High School Tuesday in support of fired Principal David Harris.

Harris said he was notified Friday that he would not be returning next year. The firing comes after the New York State Department of Education placed Canarsie High School on the Schools Under Registration Review list in March. The decision was due in part to students' poor English language and math exam grades.

However, the DOE would not comment on the reason for the firing, only saying it was a personnel issue.

"I care about the kids here," Harris said. "My staff is supporting me and we're doing good things here. We just need the time to really make this school a successful school."

About 60 teachers rallied in support of Harris outside the school and plan to hold future protests. "Each and every morning ? he's walking around the hallways to make sure the kids can get quality education," supporter Ted Gustus said.

The regional superintendent plans to meet with parents to address concerns.

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