BROOKLYN - An East New York teenager says she was targeted and beaten up by two women for no reason, and now her family wants the person responsible to be prosecuted.

The victim's mother says her daughter was coming home from Coney Island, riding the F train, when two women started talking to her aggressively.

The victim and a friend got off at the Jay Street station to transfer to another train when they were allegedly followed.

The victim's mother says one woman targeted the teen girl and beat her on the platform. The victim suffered scratches and bruises and says she is now fearful to ride the train.

Her mother says some videos of the incident have been appearing on the internet. She, along with community advocate Tony Herbert, want to take the video to the police to try to help get the victim justice.

"That's my child, so I'm not there as a mother to help her or protect her," says Michelle Fitzpatrick. "No one was there to help her. She could have been thrown on the tracks. I mean, these people were stepping on her, pulling her hair - chokeholds."

The victim's mother says this is the second time her daughter suffered from a severe beating but doesn't believe the two incidents are connected.