CARROLL GARDENS - Police arrested a teenager from Queens Wednesday in connection to the brutal slaying of veteran radio news reporter George Weber.

Authorities say 16-year-old John Katehis confessed to killing Weber shortly after he was taken into custody at a train station in Middletown, N.Y. He is charged with murder two and criminal possession of a weapon, though authorities say the murder weapon has yet to be found.

Police say Weber apparently allowed Katehis into his Carroll Gardens home after they met online through Craigslist.

Weber's body was found Sunday. His ankles were bound, and he was stabbed about 50 times. Other wounds indicate the radio host tried to fight off his attacker.

A witness saw Katehis waiting outside Weber's apartment Friday night. According to the Craigslist correspondence between the two, they were supposed to meet in person Wednesday, but rearranged the meeting for Friday. Police believe Katehis fled Weber's wearing some of the victim's clothing because his was bloodstained during the attack. A transit worker saw Katehis on a subway train, bleeding from his left hand and called police.

Authorities say Katehis was treated at a local hospital and said he was wounded by a bottle. Police say the suspect was later tracked down in Middletown. Katehis' online profile on the social networking site MySpace features photos of him with his knife collection.

Weber worked at WABC in New York for 12 years as the on-air reporter for popular shows like "Curtis and Kuby." He had also worked at stations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver and Pennsylvania.