PARK SLOPE - A group of about 10 teens from Brooklyn and the city is painting a mural in hopes that their art will send a message to the community.

The teens have spent the last seven weeks working on a four-story mural on Fourth Avenue near Sackett Street. The mural is part of the Groundswell Community Mural Project, and the teens hope the mural will urge people to conserve more water. The mural is one of six the Groundswell Community Mural Project is working on this summer.

?Most New Yorkers turn on their tap and they don?t know where the water comes from,? Nicole Schulman says. ?They don?t have as much respect of it as if they knew where it comes from and the trouble it takes to transport the water to the city.?

The mural artists also designed a sticker as part of the city?s educational outreach. The teens plan to head out into the community soon to ask people to sign a pledge to conserve water. People who sign will get a free sticker.

?We're showing people how to conserve and save water because there's only 7 percent in the world that's drinkable,? Stephon Samuel says. ?With what's going on today with global warming and pollution, we need to be more aware.?

The work of art is set to be revealed in two weeks, when the scaffolding comes down.