BROOKLYN - For World Ovarian Cancer Day Friday, Brooklyn residents are out in force raising awareness. 

A woman adopted a Prospect Park tree in memory of her late sister.

Pamela Esposito-Amery's sister, Louisa, died of ovarian cancer when she was 45 years old. The sisters had worked together to found Tell Every Amazing Lady (TEAL), an organization that educates women about the disease.

It’s hard to test for the disease, Esposito-Amery says. The main symptoms are pelvic, abdominal and back pain, frequent urination and bloating.

Although World Ovarian Cancer Day is in May, Esposito-Amery says Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is September in the United States. That's when TEAL plans to hold its annual walk in Prospect Park. She says she expects thousands of people to participate.