FLATBUSH - A tenant says she was relaxing in her Flatbush apartment when she was startled by a partial-ceiling collapse.

A gaping hole remains after debris fell from the bathroom ceiling in the apartment at 2010 Newkirk Ave. The tenant says water fell, and exposed wires raised her concerns about a fire starting, especially since she says a similar fire started in the building in 2015.

Citing poorly made repairs or requests for repairs going ignored, the building's tenants have filed a lawsuit against landlord Moshe Piller, who is on the public advocate's list of slum landlords.

"The only thing we want is to have a nice place to live that we're paying for," says Patrick Janvier, who also lives in the building. "That's it."

Tenants at one of Piller's buildings in the Bronx rallied about their living conditions in 2015.

Piller hasn't returned multiple calls for comment.