BROOKLYN - A month after a 5- year-old died in an elevator malfunction, tenants of the Clymer Street building say it is still in use and are still calling it a death trap.

Tenants say two residents have had separate instances of elevator malfunctions last week. According to the residents, when they went to use the elevator, the doors opened with no car inside.

?This is really really scary,? says resident Pessie Gelb. ?I have lived here for 25 years and the elevators have never been good ... we are scared to use it.?

Five-year-old Jacob Neuman died last month when the same elevator got stuck in between floors. One community activist is asking why city agencies are not on the same page and wants the agencies to fix the problem before somebody else gets killed.

A spokesman from the New York City Housing Authority stated that in 17 out of 21 inspections they did not find problems that were considered hazardous.

Jacob Neuman dies in elevator malfunction City inspects elevator after fatal fall