BROOKLYN - Angry tenants on Rockaway Avenue in Brownsville rallied Tuesday to call for building improvements.

They say their gas has been shut off for more than a month, and claim the building owner is doing nothing about it. They also say there are broken tiles, nails coming out of the floor and leaking roofs, among other issues.

Tenants say for the past year, the building was managed by Handcheikh Investments, who they allege ran the place into the ground.

The lawyer representing the building owner also says the management company owes six months’ rent. Brad Silverbush says his client has taken Handcheikh Investments to court to get ownership of the building back. In the meantime, tenants say it appears that they have nowhere to go for help.

Since they can't get a hold of the management company, they say they will try to put pressure on the owner to resolve all the problems, or they may go to court.