CROWN HEIGHTS - Many members of the Crown Heights Jewish community say they are still angry about last Monday?s bus attack on President Street. Officials with the "Shomrim" Jewish patrol say a group of about 10 black kids threw rocks at a bus from Lubavitcher Yeshiva, breaking two windows. The incident comes just two weeks after 20-year-old Andrew Charles says he was attacked by a group of Jewish men. A grand jury is investigating the alleged attack on Charles. However, some say Charles is getting special treatment because his father is a police officer.?That leads everyone to this sense of frustration, like, now they hit our school bus, too. Now they're doing this. Now they're doing that. Now a lady was robbed of her purse. And it's like, when is it gonna stop?? says Shomrim Volunteer Binyomin Lifshitz. Police have not made any arrests in either case. Crown Heights on a quest for peace Victim calls for justice in Crown Heights attack