BROOKLYN - A Bedford Stuyvesant school plans to beef up security after a lunch fight got out of control, leaving many students fearing for their lives.

Middle school children at the Foundations Academy on Tompkins Avenue, who share the space with high school kids, have been bullying their older peers and bringing guns and knives to school, according to some students.

The bullying is apparently in response to a simple fight that broke out in the school cafeteria.

?One of the high school kids said something to the kids, threw something at him,? says Foundations Academy student Darnell Bowers. ?And then one of the kids threw something at one of the kids in my school. Then the whole big fight started.?

The aunt of one student, Anna Richardson, doesn?t think it was a good idea to bring younger and older students together in the first place.

?I think they could concentrate better if they had separate schools,? Richardson says.

Department of Education officials say they cannot confirm information about the fight. However, they say they have met with parents and are providing extra safety officers at the school.