(09/10/06) BROOKLYN - Three separate motorcycle accidents proved fatal in Brooklyn Saturday and Sunday.

The first accident occurred on the Gowanus Expressway early Saturday morning. Ivette Hernandez, 32, was a passenger on a Suzuki while traveling with other bikers. Police say Hernandez was thrown off the motorcycle before being struck and killed by a fellow rider. NYPD officials said that only a few hours later 28-year-old Lamar Leonard died after losing control of his Kawasaki on the Belt Parkway. Police say the third fatal accident occurred early Sunday morning when a 25-year-old male was cut off by a car on Kings Highway. His female passenger survived.

News 12 has previously reported on motorcycle safety. To avoid accidents such as these, some riders say you should always look over your shoulder before changing lanes instead of relying on the mirrors. They say it is important to keep your feet on the bike and to always wear a helmet.