BROWNSVILLE - News 12 Brooklyn has been following the case of the alleged gang rape of an 18-year-old girl in Brownsville since the story developed. Here is a breakdown of the events.

Thursday, Jan. 7:
Police say five teen boys took part in gang raping an 18-year-old woman at Osborn Playground in Brownsville. The victim's father told police that he and his daughter were drinking near the handball court when the group approached them and brandished a gun. He said the teens told the father to leave the girl behind. The father then says he ran to a nearby deli to call police, but was denied access to a phone. He then flagged down a police car, which arrived 15 minutes later, but by then the teens had left the scene.

Saturday, Jan. 8:
Police release a surveillance video of the teen boys at a nearby deli, taken before the alleged attack.

Sunday, Jan. 9:
After seeing the surveillance video on the news, two of the boys are brought to the 73rd Precinct by their mothers. Two more suspects are arrested soon after.

Monday, Jan. 10:
The four teens in custody are charged with first-degree rape. They are identified as Daniel Murray, Shaquelle Cooper, Ethan Phillip and Onandi Brown.

Tuesday, Jan. 11:
A fifth suspect, Travis Beckford, is arrested and charged. Police say the suspects told them that the sex was consensual. They told police that they saw the father and daughter having sex with each other when they approached them. News 12 Brooklyn interviews Billy Phillip, the brother of accused rapist Ethan Phillip. Billy tells News 12 that the alleged victim's father is lying to police and that a gun was never brandished.

Wednesday, Jan. 12:
All of the suspects are arraigned on rape, criminal sex acts and sexual abuse charges.

Thursday, Jan. 13:
The Brooklyn District Attorney's Office releases four suspects after failing to get a timely indictment. Shaquelle Cooper remains in police custody on an unrelated assault charge from Oct. 15.

Friday, Jan. 14:
The teens return to court where they are reminded that the charges of rape and sexual assault remain pending.

The DA's office has until July 29 to get an indictment or the charges against the teens could be dropped.

A lawyer for Phillip says cellphone video taken by one of the teens before the alleged rape is evidence that the teens did not commit a crime.

The DA's office says it is reviewing the cellphone video.