BROOKLYN - The mother of slain Detective Russel Timoshenko joined Mayor Michael Bloomberg in Virginia as he campaigns to close Virginia's gun show sales loophole.

Tatyana Timoshenko says she traveled to Virginia to speak alongside Bloomberg about a legislation loophole, which allows some merchants at Virginia gun shows to sell weapons without performing background checks.

"The gun my son was killed by came from here in Virginia, and we have to stop it, we can't let more people be killed," Tatyana Timoshenko says.

She, along with Bloomberg, joined the family members of the victims of the Virginia Tech shooting to announce the launch of a TV commercial that features the family members discussing the need for tighter gun regulation. Bloomberg partially funded the commercial, which was produced by the group Americans United for Safer Streets.

Bloomberg says that, although the Virginia Tech shooter purchased his weapon legally, there is still a great need to get guns off the streets. The release of the commercial coincides with the second anniversary of the campus shooting.