BROOKLYN - A little boy is recovering after being pinned under a car that crashed onto a sidewalk in Sunset Park. 

Surveillance video shows a vehicle jump the curb on Seventh Avenue Monday afternoon, plowing over 3-year-old Oscar Chen as he played with a toy outside his family's apartment.

The boy's mother, Cindy Chen, says she's grateful that her son walked away with just a few bruises. She's urging all drivers to be more cautious. 

Neighbors say drivers often speed down the stretch of road.

A group of neighborhood men helped lift the car off of Oscar, the child's grandmother says.

Tony Velazquez, who has 20 years of experience as an EMT, was one of those men. He says he tried to keep Oscar calm until EMS arrived.

The driver remained at the scene after the crash. Velazquez says the woman appeared visibly upset.

Police say that there doesn't appear to be any criminality, and the driver involved will not be charged.