BROOKLYN - A toddler who fell from a sixth-floor window in Crown Heights was laid to rest today.

Police say 20-month-old Theodore "Teddy" Nemon fell and landed on a third-floor balcony at 580 Crown St. around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Police say there were no window guards in the toddler's apartment. Nemon's mother reportedly went into the bedroom to change his twin sister's diaper and left the window open to air out the dirty diaper smell.

The boy was still sleeping in the crib when his mother took the sister to another room to change her, but it's believed he climbed out of the crib while she was gone and onto a dresser in front of the window.

The boy was rushed to Kings County Hospital, where he later passed away. The horrific incident has shaken the tight-knit Orthodox Jewish community, and neighbors are still in disbelief.

One police source also says the city will soon be sending out memos to tenants in the building to make sure they have properly installed window guards in place.

Window guards in New York are required in certain homes with children 10 years or younger.  The building's owner is responsible to install them.