BROOKLYN - News 12 Brooklyn is counting down the top stories of the borough of 2013 as voted by our viewers. Coming in at No. 6 is a story that broke the hearts of New Yorkers throughout the city. On Sept. 1, 16-month-old Antiq Hennis was shot and killed on Bristol Street in Brownsville.

Investigators say the baby was sitting in his stroller, which was pushed by his father Anthony, when shots rang out.

Grief soon gave way to outrage as police hunted for the killer, offering a $12,000 reward. Six days later, authorities tracked down Daquan Breland, 23, and Daquan Wright, 19.

Breland and Wright were allegedly aiming for Anthony Hennis, but missed and shot Antiq. News of their arrest came just hours before baby Antiq was laid to rest.

In an unexpected twist, Anthony Hennis himself made headlines when he was arrested in connection with a violent robbery one month later. Both of the cases are now playing out in court, while family members hold on to memories of a baby boy whose life was taken too soon.