BROOKLYN - A basketball tournament between the NYPD and the Marcy Houses aims to strengthen police community relations.

The NYPD team is made up of several different officers in the area. The Marcy Houses team or "Marcy on the Rise," is made up entirely of Marcy residents ages 18 to 21.

The tournament is a best-of-seven series, and both teams are battling for the title. Now in its fifth year, the series is tied 1-1.

The NYPD took home the gold in 2013 and Marcy Houses won the year before.

The tournament was not held last year due to turmoil in the community, according to officials.

Organizers say the tournament helps build police-community relations and also encourages those who did not participate in the event to come out and show their support.

The event featured food, games and music.