SUNSET PARK - A new traffic light now stands at a busy Sunset Park intersection where a pickup truck fatally struck a 3-year-old boy in February.

The Department of Transportation recently installed the light at 5th Avenue and 55th Street, where a teddy bear and plaque currently sit in memory of Edward Heredia.

The pickup truck driver was not charged.The DOT installed the light after officials collected more than 300 signatures from neighbors."It's just sad a little boy had to die for us to finally get a light," said resident Stephanie Rodriguez.

According to the group Transportation Alternatives, five pedestrians were hurt at the same corner between 1995 and 2005.

The DOT plans to repair sewer lines along 5th Avenue and begin improving sidewalks by 2009. Changes include enlarging sidewalks at intersections to prevent drivers from running over curbs.

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