MILL BASIN - A traffic sign along a stretch of road in Mill Basin is causing confusion among drivers.

Drivers in Mill Basin say a "no standing" sign along Avenue U and E. 56th Street is completely unreadable from the road. They say from the street the sign looks blank. 

Maxine Simpson is just one person that fell victim to thinking she struck gold when she got a spot right near Macy's. Unfortunately, she ended up with a $115 ticket because if you look at the side of the sign that faces the sidewalk it's clearly marked "no standing from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. including Sunday."

Simpson says you can't see the sign when you park. She says you can only see it if you walk around the other side. She plans to fight her ticket in court.

Department of Transportation officials say traffic law states that if one sign is legible on the stretch of street, the regulation stipulated on that legible sign is enforceable.