BROOKLYN - Members of the Transport Workers Union (TWU) plan to make their opinions known ahead of a City Council committee hearing on subway track deaths.

Union members plan to hand out fake blood-splattered MetroCards tomorrow at the Brooklyn Bridge, City Hall and Park Place stations.

The union is pushing a plan to help cut down on track deaths. Members want trains to slow down when entering stations, and they want MTA agents on crowded platforms. They also want to be able to have power shut off to tracks from station booths in an emergency.

"The fact is that slowing down trains would create crowding conditions on trains and platforms and would actually create a more dangerous condition," MTA officials said in a statement. "We want to work with the TWU on an increased public education campaign to remind customers to be aware of their surroundings and stay away from platform edges."

Last year, 55 people were hit and killed by trains out of about 1.64 billion passengers, MTA officials say.