BROOKLYN - An advocacy group released a mid-year report on the city's Vision Zero effort Thursday.

Transportation Alternatives says the NYPD has made significant improvement in working to cut down traffic fatalities and enforcing traffic rules. But, the increases are not consistent across the city.

The report found that 32 percent more speeding tickets have been handed out this year compared to last. Drivers that are being ticketed for failing to yield have risen 153 percent.

Transportation Alternatives looked at enforcement of those two violations, which it says are the leading causes of death and injury on the road.

The problem that remains is that while some precincts are doubling the number of tickets issued, others are issuing fewer. The 70th Precinct near Kensington issued 568 more tickets this year for failing to yield. But, the 76th Precinct near Red Hook and Cobble Hill issued 23 fewer tickets.

Overall, the group says the police department is making strides to achieve the goal set out by Mayor Bill de Blasio earlier this year--to eliminate traffic fatalities in the city by 2024. However, the group says more work needs to be done.

One of the recommendations Transportation Alternatives suggests is that the city create an executive officer for each borough to coordinate traffic operations for the NYPD.