BAY RIDGE - Garbage cans that were removed along 4th Avenue have been replaced with different ones in order to deter people from disposing of large household items in public cans, and the city and Sanitation Department say the results have been impressive.

The move was requested by Community Board 10 as part of a study to see if 4th Avenue would get cleaner without public cans. The board had issues with residents throwing away large household waste into public cans. Within weeks, new cans with smaller openings at the top were brought in to prevent this.

State Sen. Marty Golden (D-Brooklyn) requested the change, saying it "made no sense" to remove garbage cans in the first place. The Sanitation Department agrees, saying the streets are now cleaner.

Business owners say they're relieved people aren't littering anymore, sparing them city fines. Two corners at the intersection still don't have garbage cans, and business owners there say they hope it will soon change.