EAST FLATBUSH - With the Cuban flag hoisted at the embassy in our nation's capital, travel agents across the city are excited to start booking trips to the country.

Bruce Sanchez, a travel agent at Travelmotion, is eager to begin planning vacations to Cuba. He says the country is preparing for an influx of tourism by building up its infrastructure. Sanchez adds that heading to Cuba is not as easy as booking flights to other countries overseas. He says people will need travel agencies to assist.

For about $1,000 to $2,000 per person, people can book a whole package that includes their flight and hotel. Sanchez says travel agents will also assist with making sure travelers have proper documentation and an approved itinerary.

Some residents say they are still concerned about traveling to Cuba. They say they would not rush to visit so soon after the restrictions eased up.

However, Sanchez says he is preparing himself for a rush of customers eager to experience a country that hasn't had much American contact for the past 50 years.