BROOKLYN - A Gowanus resident says his home was vandalized because he's a supporter of presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Cellphone video taken June 25 shows the damage done to Joseph Ramos' home. He says someone ripped up a Trump sign he had, found a rock and threw it through his front doors. Ramos was sleeping inside, along with his wife and two children, at the time.

Ramos has taped up the damaged front door and has replaced the front pane with glass from a hardware store. He says fully replacing both doors could cost upward of $2,000.

Police are still searching for the suspect.

In Ramos' three-block electoral district, 204 votes were cast for the Democratic Party in this year's primary. Only eight votes were cast for Trump.

Ramos says he won't be putting the sign back up out of fear for his children's safety.