BROOKLYN - A bodega worker who says he was beaten behind the counter quit the store and moved to Connecticut.

Shahrukh Ricky Butt was only on the job for about two weeks when he was assaulted with a baseball bat by someone who he claims is a well-known, regular customer of the West 10 Deli & Groceries store in Gravesend.

The incident started with an argument over the customer wanting store credit for an item for which he could not pay, he says. When he refused, the customer allegedly began throwing things behind the counter, prompting Butt to grab a bat located near the register.

Butt somehow lost control of the bat, which was then in possession of the customer. Surveillance video appears to capture the suspect going around the counter and beating him before running off.

"He tried to beat me on my head - I just tried to take the baseball bat from his hands," Butt said. "He hit me like four or five times on my left hand and like two times on my right hand, and then three times on my head."

He immediately quit his job at the convenience store and moved to Connecticut out of fear for his own life.

The suspect is yet to be identified by police. They say that no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.