BROOKLYN - (AP) - Two emergency medical technicians accused of refusing to help a dying pregnant woman are "inhuman" and shouldn't have taken those jobs if they weren't willing to get involved, the woman's mother said Tuesday.

"These are people who are supposed to take a minute to be concerned," Cynthia Rennix told The Associated Press.

Rennix's daughter, 25-year-old Eutisha Revee Rennix, died at a hospital Dec. 9, shortly after collapsing in the Au Bon Pain shop in Brooklyn where she worked. Her baby was too premature to survive.

Witnesses said the EMTs were on their break and told employees to call 911, then left when they were asked to help the woman.

The Fire Department on Monday suspended Jason Green, a six-year member, and Melissa Jackson, a four-year member, without pay. The department is investigating, as is the state Department of Health, which oversees the emergency medical services system.

A criminal probe is also underway.

A lawyer representing Green and Jackson says his clients are being vilified by a rush to judgment. Douglas Rosenthal tells The Associated Press that he's confident the facts will show that Jason Green and Melissa Jackson acted "appropriately" at the cafe on.