BROOKLYN - Michael Mastromarino, who pleaded guilty to stealing body parts and selling them, apologized Thursday in court to the victims and families affected by his crimes.

"I am deeply sorry from the bottom of my heart," said Mastromarino, who faces up to 54 years in prison.

An error in a probation report delayed his sentencing for two weeks.

Stephanie Berardini received one of the body parts Mastromarino extracted from bodies at a funeral home. She fears one day she'll contract a fatal disease.

"Finally, a day I feel justice starting to be served," Berardini said.

Mastromarino forged fake medical records that said the stolen organs and tissues were healthy.

"My dad's body parts were brokered in the likes of a used car parts store with no more emotion than a junkyard manager," said Karen DelRey.

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