BROOKLYN - Prosecutors showed surveillance video Tuesday they hope will convince jurors that Nixzmary Brown?s mother stood by as the girl died.

Surveillance video shown in court during the fourth day of the trial shows Nixzaliz Santiago shopping with her other children one day after Nixzmary suffered a fatal blow to the head. Prosecutors believe the footage proves the mother could have gotten help, but did not care enough to save the girl.

Cesar Rodriguez, the girl?s stepfather, was already convicted of manslaughter. Santiago?s defense attorneys argue Rodriguez also abused their client and is the only killer.

"They're at Target with two babies under the age of 18 months,? says attorney Kathleen Mullin. ?Nixzaliz needs to care for those children, so she goes where her children go. She goes where she's told to go."

Prosecutors say they may try to wrap up their case as early as Friday.