BROOKLYN - In the wake of the bloody rampage that rocked the borough last week, a vigil was held Saturday night in honor of the victims of the Brooklyn stabbing spree.

Police say 23-year-old Maksim Gelman, of Sheepshead Bay, is in custody after a brutal 28-hour rampage that spanned the city. Armed with five knives, the man allegedly fatally stabbed his stepfather, ex-girlfriend and her mother, then ran down a pedestrian in a stolen car, who also died.

Police say Maksim also slashed and injured four more people before he was arrested on Saturday in a subway station in Times Square.

A vigil was held Saturday evening on East 24th Street to remember the victims of the brutal spree.

The victims were Aleksandr Kuznetsov, Gelman's 54-year-old stepfather; 20-year-old Yelena Bulchenko, whom police say was Gelman's ex-girlfriend; her mother Anna Bulchenko, age 56; and 62-year-old pedestrian Stephen Tanenbaum.

Some friends disputed the fact that Yelena Bulchenko was ever Gelman's girlfriend, instead terming the suspect her stalker.

Emotions ran high at the vigil, and the sobs of distraught friends and family could be heard over a block away.

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