EAST NEW YORK - Friends and family gathered Saturday to mark one year since the stabbing death of Tanaya Copeland in East New York.

Police say Copeland, 18, was stabbed more than 30 times near Stanley Avenue and Linwood Street while she was walking to a friend's house.

Copeland's loved ones released balloons into the air. They called the balloons their message to heaven, saying that they still love Copeland and are fighting for justice.

The Royal Knights Marching Band, of which Copeland was a member, took to the streets chanting her name.

Dozens of supporters turned out, including Nicholas Avitto, whose 6-year-old son, PJ, was also killed in a knife attack in the neighborhood.

Copeland's mother, Rochelle Copeland, says her wounds are still fresh as she continues to grieve. She says she hopes that anyone with information on the case will come forward and contact authorities.

Police say that part of the brutal attack was caught on fuzzy surveillance video, which has never been released to the public. A knife was recovered at the scene, but police say they couldn't get a strong enough DNA match to pin the attack on any specific person.

No arrests have made in connection with the case.