BROOKLYN - A fight for change at a Park Slope High School has been reignited after a Facebook post went viral.

Students and parents protested at the Secondary School for Journalism Friday in the hope of getting a new foreign language teacher.

Students say that when their new principal let go of their Spanish teacher last year, she also deserted a way for them to compete at the college level. They say their principal let go of two teachers for questioning her methods of running the school. The principal claims the cuts were budget-related.

Since the students are out a Spanish teacher, they say they don't have the resources to qualify for an advanced regents diploma.

Despite their concerns, students say they are feeling invigorated after a photo, which was posted on the "Humans of New York" Facebook page, went viral. The photo features a student's mother, Annette Renaud, criticizing the school for no longer providing a Spanish class.

Teachers at the school are defending the principal and say the students do have resources available.

The Department of Education says to make up for the Spanish class, online courses are available to students. However, students say they need to learn the subject from a teacher in person.

Students say they think it is discouraging that it would take a viral photo to surface before their concerns were taken seriously.