A community group made its rounds throughout the city Saturday, calling on the NYPD to reform its policing methods.

A handful of Brooklyn volunteers handed out fliers in Bed-Stuy, among other neighborhoods, while also asking for signatures on their petition aimed at fixing the city's controversial "broken windows" police tactics. The group, called Police Reform Organizing Project, met at the Utica Avenue subway station on Fulton Street to gather support for changing these tactics, which put a heavy focus on stopping low-level crimes.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton says those arrests prevent bigger crimes from happening, but PROP says it is an unfair policy because they claim it is mostly minorities who are being targeted. The group says they have about 17,000 signatures right now, and are hoping to get 25,000 in total.

Both the mayor and police commissioner stand firm in their beliefs that the policy is effective in reducing crime.