CONEY ISLAND - Volunteers turned out Sunday to help clean up Coney Island Creek Park to restore some of its natural beauty.

Volunteers with the Brooklyn chapter of the New York Public Interest Research Group say the park is filled with bottles and cans. Volunteers say it feels good to look at the beach and know they?ve made a difference in just five minutes.

The volunteers say litter is increasingly coming from bottled non-carbonated beverages like water and ice tea. They want elected officials to pass legislation that would improve recycling in New York because such bottles were not included in previous recycling legislation.

The NYPIRG volunteers say they gathered more than 1,000 bottles that did not have 5 cent deposit indications on them. They say that?s why the bottle bill needs to be updated.

Sunday?s beach cleanup was just one of about 20 NYPIRG students are conducting across New York.

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