BAY RIDGE - Volunteers started working hard Friday to spruce up Shore Road Park, one of Brooklyn?s most scenic areas.

Many of the people who offered their time and services are soldiers from Fort Hamilton who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. ?This is easy stuff for them,? Major Angelo Agro says. ?This is a walk in the park, so to say.?

Other groups that volunteered their time are the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Brooklyn District Attorney?s Office.

One of the park?s biggest problems is its massive amount of overgrown weeds and shrubs. ?This stuff just grows and grows,? Martin Golden says. ?You need a real heavy maintenance program and the Parks Department just doesn?t have the manpower for it.?

Residents were happy to see that the park was finally being cleaned up. ?It?s about time,? Veronica Petrosini says. ?It will just make it better for everyone that lives in the neighborhood and for the children who go to the playground.?

The cleanup will continue until around 2 p.m. Sunday. Anyone who would like to help out should head over to 83rd Street and Shore Road to sign up.