BROOKLYN - Brooklyn drivers are feeling the pain at the pump as the average price for a gallon of regular gas in New York climbs to $3.99.

According to some experts, it won't be long until prices hit the $5 mark. The national average is now more than $3.75 per gallon, a nearly 30-cent increase from this time last year.

The pumped-up prices are being blamed on a 10-percent spike in oil prices over fears that tensions in Iran will lead to war and restrict supplies.

In the past, consumer demand for gas has dropped as prices hit $4 per gallon, but many drivers say they've already cut back on unnecessary trips and they have to get to work and the grocery store.

National prices are currently 35-cents below the all-time high, but if prices continue to increase, we could surpass that number by the end of the month.

NY Gas Prices