WASHINGTON - (AP) - The resignation of scandalized Rep. AnthonyWeiner will be official midnight Tuesday.

Weiner, who was undone by his sexting, officially notifiedSpeaker John Boehner and New York state officials Monday. Theresignation letter was to be read on the House floor Tuesday, hislast day in Congress.

It can't come soon enough for House Democrats, who called forWeiner's resignation after he admitted tweeting explicit photos ofhimself to six women. He announced last Thursday that he would stepdown.

Weiner, elected in 1998, said it had been "an honor to servethe people of Queens and Brooklyn."

His congressional staff will report to the House clerk until anew representative is elected. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo couldcall for a special election anytime in the coming weeks.

Rep. Anthony Weiner resigns in wake of sexting scandalWeiner's resignation welcome news to many BK residents