BROOKLYN - Organizers of the West Indian Day parade spoke out for the first time today against the violence that occurred during the festival on Monday.

The president of the West Indian Day Carnival Association was joined at Borough Hall with several elected officials. The group condemned the killings and expressed sympathy for the families of those killed and injured.

Investigators say two men, Eusi Johnson and Leroy Webster, were arguing near the parade route Monday when one of them pulled a gun. One of the men was killed, along with a 56-year-old woman, who was sitting nearby on her front stoop, officials say. Two police officers were also injured.

Organizers of the parade say while the violence is despicable, the festivities will go on as planned next year. Officials say the parade brings about $1 billion each year to the city.Residents question if it's time to end West Indian paradeWoman killed in Crown Heights shootout