BROOKLYN - Primary day may be over, but students at one Brooklyn school used their democratic abilities to vote on something they could all agree on.

Students at St. Brigid Catholic Academy in Bushwick say they always wanted vending machines at their school and when the student government was given the OK by the school to allow a vote for the snack dispensaries, students could not vote 'yes' faster.

The student government at St. Brigid is formatted very closely to resemble that of the United States Government, according to George Discala, a teacher at the school.

"The students elect senators, and representatives, a supreme court and even have a president and vice president," he says.

The student government makes decisions for the entire student body and when students wanted vending machines, they held a vote.

School officials say some of the money used for snacks will go toward a fundraiser for the school, one they hope will pay for other upgrades.